No business can grow without good decisions. And while intermittent decisions are made on instinct, most require a business case with rigorous analysis.

While the rare business case has all of the data needed for rigorous projections, most require the finesse, flex and creativity needed to collect clear data possible, bring in benchmark data where needed, and leverage proxy data/patterns to fill in gaps. 

The perfect business case is likely an inexact business case, ignoring context, upsides, and downsides. Reality is imperfect, and the right business model and analysis need to reflect that.  

By building a range of business cases, from high level returns on venture investments, to potential earnings and equity value on new growth initiatives, to ROI on tech investments and cost-cutting initiatives, Radii Group is best positioned to efficiently and effectively build you the argument you need to make the best decisions to grow your business

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  • Business Model Definition/Benchmarking
  • Business Model Validation
  • Model Build and Launch Planning
  • Pilot Planning
  • Business Model Monetization